Smart City Monitor at Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 (#SCEWC16)

Companies from all over world came to this Smart City Expo to review new solutions available right now for the urban areas and smart cities. At the same time various companies and startups showed the ideas and solutions for the real world of modern cities. The delegates and visitors learned a lot during three days and discussed possible collaborations and partnerships with the exhibitors. The exhibition became the place for intense discussions not only behind the stands but also at the brokerage event ‘B2B meeting’ organised by European Enterprise Network. 

Smart City Monitor was exhibited on the Smart City Expo for the first time presented at the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA stand along with Smart City Wien, Graz Smart City, Tina Vienna GmbH, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Bertsch Energy GmbH & Co KG, NXP Semiconductors Austria, smartflower energy technology GmbH, and others. The City of Vienna and City of Graz and private companies offered solutions for the sustainable and inclusive cities,  shared their experiences and offered collaborations and projects. 

SCEWC as a public platform had provided to delegates and visitors with various options to find out about companies and solutions in a number of side events. One event AUSTRIA SHOWCASE  was organised by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to meet Austrian experts on Smart City Solutions and discover the latest trends and best practices in urban development. About 20 presentations were given with the different approaches and solutions the topic of smart cities and their future development.

Dr. Serguei Golovanov, Chief Architect of the new urban technology, gave the talk ‘Smart City Monitor: New metropolitan technology for forward looking communities enabling digital transformation, sustainable digital circular economy, novel citizen environment and new business models.’ He demonstrated how the solution actually works in real life providing holistic integrated view on the urban processes for small and medium size city management and answering the question” How are you, my city?”

As unified digital technology having strong foundation in system sciences and sustainability principles, it transforms any local data streams from urban processes into easily understandable and customized information about status of the city, its various areas and processes in real time. The core of the platform is specific urban model of the concrete city which is developed based on the ISO 37120 urban model as template of the large customized future city model to be run in cloud or locally in a municipality. 

To view presentation's slides click here.

Consultants, cities’ advisors, municipalities started to look for implementation of the international standards for urban management in their cities as guidance to day to day life. It raises some questions to be addressed, such as: 

  • Is it worth to implement such standards in the city? 
  • What is the added value for the city?
  • Will the balance between costs of the implementation and the results for the city be positive?
  • How to make these standards working in practice and know it well in order to help cities?
  • Where to start and how to realise such task with minimum costs and risks?

The Smart City Monitor provides concrete practical answers to these and many other questions opening principally new approach toward step by step implementation of the integrated Smart CIty concepts  in medium and small size urban communities. 

As result of the participation the Smart City Team received large number of inquiries for prototyping implementations in the Europe and several other countries.

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or click on the image to view demo of Smart City.